He says, She says.


He says “I am right.”

She says “You are wrong.”

He says “I am the best.”

She says “I am no less.”

He says “I word hard.”

She says “I work harder.”

He says “I know it all.”

She says “Not more than me!”


The story continues

The saga continues

They know there is no end,

They know there is no beginning either.

The test of time continues

The war of words continues

No one wants to hurt the other one,

Yet, no one gives in.


He says “I love you.”

She says “I love you more.”

He says “I love you more than anything else.”

She says “I love you more than myself.”

He says “Let me handle this.”

She says “I too can handle this.”


There is no one right or wrong,

Its just the way it is.

Both cannot do without each other

Yet both do not want to admit it.

its their love which completes them,

And thus….he says, she says…;-)



About ishanisen

Simple and candid, writing is what I can do best, at any point in life. Rather, writing is what gives me the ultimate kick. An ex content/freelance writer by profession, and at present searching for what I really want to do in life, this blog is a reflection of my thoughts, and understanding the world a little better. Other than writing, I like to travel and read, and do just about anything which makes me happy. Apart from writing, singing, listening to any kind of music, travelling to different places whenever I get the chance to, baking, and reading up on mostly everything which catches my eye are things which give me pleasure. I try not to think too hard about life in general, and rather believe in taking it as it comes. It has worked for me this way, and I like to keep it simple and carefree as much as I can.

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