Simply frozen!


When we moved to the Chicago suburbs a few months ago, nothing prepared us for the wintry days we were about to embark on soon. Our first neighbour warned us about the mighty Chicago winter, thereby advising us to get a garage for our car soon before winter approached. Newly found friends and acquaintances always talked about the weather here. Having lived in scattered parts of the globe before, we wondered, how bad could this be? Well, the answer was overwhelming.
What struck us first about Chicago was the windchill. They don’t call it the Windy City just like that. The wind blows hard all year round, but in winters, it reaches a different level altogether. It snows heavily, and temperatures below minus degrees start feeling normal soon enough. Recently, just one of the days, we had a single digit temperature in a long time, and it felt warm, so we rejoiced.
Initially, we got the shock of ours lives and often wondered as to how would we survive such extreme weather. But sooner than later, we realised, it is just the way it is. Once it settles in, it feels normal and bearable. And life moves on just like other parts of the world.
Being born and raised in a tropical climate, I have never been good with the cold, leave alone Chicago winters. But I surprised myself soon enough, and it all felt as usual. I still don’t enjoy winters to be frank, but my approach has certainly changed, all thanks to Chicago.
The recent Polar Vortex brought in some unimaginable wintry woes, and I was able to capture some outdoor shots while we managed to venture out for grocery shopping. I thought of sharing some with you all:






About ishanisen

Simple and candid, writing is what I can do best, at any point in life. Rather, writing is what gives me the ultimate kick. An ex content/freelance writer by profession, and at present searching for what I really want to do in life, this blog is a reflection of my thoughts, and understanding the world a little better. Other than writing, I like to travel and read, and do just about anything which makes me happy. Apart from writing, singing, listening to any kind of music, travelling to different places whenever I get the chance to, baking, and reading up on mostly everything which catches my eye are things which give me pleasure. I try not to think too hard about life in general, and rather believe in taking it as it comes. It has worked for me this way, and I like to keep it simple and carefree as much as I can.

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