Chocolate brownies have always been my personal favorite. Growing up, I would long for these gooey treats and when I got hold of them, would gobble them up in seconds. We did not have an oven at home back then, and thus the occasional visits to the local bakery were my only respite. Once I learnt how to make them myself,I make them every now and then, often for friends and family.
I learnt the recipe through various online guides over the years. I have this one patent measuring cup, and usually go by my head to whisk in the brownie mixture quickly and set it to bake. The result is always dependent on my frame of mind, though. If I am happy, my brownies turn out to be exact. Sometimes if I am jittery about guests coming to dinner and pay too much attention, my brownies always have something missing. The best ones always are made impromptu, when I have no plan.
Making my version of chocolate brownies is also my biggest stress buster. I usually resort to baking to ease out my mind, and making my brownies are my all time quick fix to happiness. As I whisk away my worries, my mind feels light and free; the aroma from my oven soothes my senses. I somehow feel awfully relieved when I bake my brownies. Well, that’s me.
Sometimes, I cannot help but wonder, do I make my brownies or do they make me. What if I stopped making them altogether? What if I start fancying some other dessert altogether? Well, I usually wonder and head towards my kitchen. Making a fresh set of brownies awaits me.



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