Moving?……….Not again!


Moving house gives me nightmares . Having moved several times in the past few years, I have still not made peace with the idea. Now when a fresh round of moving awaits me soon, I have started sweating in the chicago winter.
I do not like change in general, and moving residence definitely tops the list. But circumstances and job compels us to move time and again. And before we know it, it’s time to move.
True, change is the only constant thing in life. But moving house is a big change for me personally. I am one of those who get attached to their surroundings easily. I take time to settle in, but once I do, it goes deep down inside. And leaving one place, the friends, the familiarity, the comfort zone always makes me distressed.
Another headache of moving is the packing and unpacking. Boxing up stuff and unloading them is a tedious task. You tend to throw away or donate a few favorite things because there is no space. In the hurry burry something always gets left out. Things generally never turn out the way you want them to be.
Sometimes in the midst of packing, I feel I am boxing up my memories of one place and moving along to the new one, till I unpack them there again.
The unknown is not much fun to me. Many people get excited at the thought of moving to a new place. For me, it excites me only if I have known people in the new area. Otherwise, the thought of moving to an unknown place, getting used to the surroundings and ambience always makes me jittery. I would rather stay put in my present than move, if given a choice.
Moving ahead in life in general is the norm, and maybe moving house is a part of it. It is moving ahead in your life towards a new direction and venture. I console myself by saying that it might be the best for my family, and everything seems to feel all right. All right, till the moving date comes closer. And then, I know, it is time to go again.


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