The way we know it


Yesterday was my friend’s son’s birthday. I really wished I could wish him in person, but being in different cities, it was only through FaceTime and phone. I missed her and her family. Friends we are. We all have our own set of friends. To love, to cherish and to be friends with forever. Whether it be the primary days of nervously stepping into a kindergarten class or the teenage days of newfound love interests, friends are the one. It was a friend who encouraged me to start my own blog. It was a friend who said it would all be all right after I got bad grades. It was a friend who gave me her time and ears when I felt all alone and angry.It was a friend who held my hand while crossing a busy road. Friends come and go, what remains is their essence. What remains is the power of silence, the unspoken bond which holds us tightly even after we have not spoken or met up for a while. The heart never fails a friend.
We all lead a hectic, confused and busy life today. Globalisation has set foot into our lives and homes. We leave behind the old in order to live the new. Friends change like clothes, friends come and go, but life moves on. In an age where priorities are changing everyday, friendship too, must survive the race. A solid friend remains solid through these changing times. He/she carries a piece of our hearts wherever they go. He/she is the person we miss when all is at its best or when tomorrow seems dark. The geographic or materialistic aspects do change with time, but emotions tend to stay the same, if the bond is strong.
I have been fortunate to be blessed with many a good friends in this lifetime. Whether it be from my hometown or from all the places around the globe I have been to, someone has always etched a mark in my mind by being my friend. True, there were friendships I have regretted, friendships I have lost or forgotten in the passage of time and age. But what has gone was meant to be. What has remained are the same old souls who were always there from the beginning. Some I met early on, some later on. But the friendship shared has made us all better in some ways or the other. It has given us the power of being one. It has made us beautiful.
Here is to all my friends, near and far, let us make this journey more worthwhile, for it is here to stay. Cheers!!!


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