Ma, it’s me…


Ma, I want noodles for lunch. Ma, why did you not see that my sneakers aren’t clean? Ma, not so cold, I want my milk a bit warmer. No, not so warm, a bit colder. Ma, I don’t think I can do this project. Ma, I don’t know anything, you have to help me with this. Ma, I have lost my blue file, can you find it in my room? Ma, the baby is constantly hiccuping, what should I do? Ma, can you get my clothes from the dry cleaners, I will be late from work. Ma, my friends are coming over, we all want pasta. Ma, I cannot come home for the holidays, I have plans. Ma, I feel really lonely. Ma, I want to come home. Ma, I miss you. Ma, I cannot do without you. Ma, why is there no one like you? Ma, why are you not here now?

We have all been through these with our respective moms in some way or the other. We have all loved her, fought with her, taken her for granted, cried on her shoulder, rested on her lap, argued over and again with her, had our demands fulfilled by her, tantrums borne by her,laughter shared with her, and being loved unconditionally by her despite all our mistakes. Such is a mom. Actually, mom is the eternal superwomen. She is the only one who will never leave our sides despite any odd. She is the only one who will wait for us at dinner, no matter what time we land up. She is the only one who will have the solution to any problem we are faced with. She is the only one who will listen to our woes and still keep a smiling face. She is the only one who will sacrifice anything and everything just to see us happy. She is the only one who will put us before their own interests, no matter what.

True, a father too plays a pivotal role in our lives. He nurtures and loves us equally. It would be unfair to say that fathers do not contribute. But somehow, with our moms, there is no boundary. No boundary for love, for care, for concern, for mistakes, for happiness, for sorrows, for sacrifices, for anything at all. It is a limitless feeling we share with them. With ma, there is no end to anything. I know that she is around. I know she will take care of it. I know she will manage it. I know, she knows. It is an indescribable feeling of comfort that we have with moms, that nobody else can replace. Be it when I am down with fever, be it when I am about to appear for an interview, be it when I am troubled, when I am confused, or in love, or out of love, when I am clueless, ma is always the first thought coming to my mind. We might be surrounded with the greatest friends and family, but no one can be ma. She is just always there, like a backbone of belief and strength. She will not let me fall, ever.

Ma, I am sorry for taking you so much for granted. Ma, I am sorry for not listening to you. Ma, I am sorry for letting you down. Ma, I am sorry for those times when I made you do things for me. Ma, I am sorry for everything. As i grow up more and more mentally everyday, I realise how much you have done for me. I realise why there cannot be another you. I realise how I am yours forever. I realise how much I need you, rather than vice versa. I do not need a Mother’s Day to tell you how much I love you. Thank you for being my mother. Thank you for putting me before your own self, tirelessly over and again. Thank you for giving me life. I might be in any corner of the world, in any situation, in any relation, but I will always be your daughter first and foremost. There will be all others in my life, but there cannot be another you. You will be my mother always,for life.

P.S. Dear ma, there is so much more I want to tell you. But somehow cannot convey them in words. But then I need not worry, for I know, you will know.


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  1. Ishani I read your blog and incredible is the word.
    I cried, it’s so heart touching.
    The only eternal thing other than god we can say is Mother’s Love.
    Lovely. 😘

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