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Simple and candid, writing is what I can do best, at any point in life. Rather, writing is what gives me the ultimate kick. An ex content/freelance writer by profession, and at present searching for what I really want to do in life, this blog is a reflection of my thoughts, and understanding the world a little better. Other than writing, I like to travel and read, and do just about anything which makes me happy. Apart from writing, singing, listening to any kind of music, travelling to different places whenever I get the chance to, baking, and reading up on mostly everything which catches my eye are things which give me pleasure. I try not to think too hard about life in general, and rather believe in taking it as it comes. It has worked for me this way, and I like to keep it simple and carefree as much as I can.

Longing to belong


Your thoughts waft across my soul A memory remembered A moment arisen  The face is familiar, the voice unclear  Am I home yet? The distant dream beckons A silent prayer awakens  My mind starts to question  Am I home yet? Many many years  Many many souls Many many memories  Still the longing  Still the yearning  […]