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My sister, my lifeline.


IMG_0171My sister is arguably the best gift my parents have even given me. Generally, everyone is close to their siblings, but I share a different bond altogether with my sis. Maybe, many of you will relate to me in this aspect. There is no world I can imagine without her, there is no thought I do not share with her, there is no day which goes without talking to her, there is no me without her.

The funny thing is, me and my sister are apart by 17 years. Once when she accompanied me to a grocery store during my her first year, I heard a young couple exclaiming, ” see how young they have them nowadays!”. When I first got to know that my mom was pregnant with her, I was ashamed, angry and irritated with my parents. Ashamed because I felt my friends and peers would laugh at me at having a baby sis at this age, angry and irritated as to why and how could my parents have her so late. For a long time, I refused to speak to my mother.

The first moment I held her in my arms, it was like she was always meant to be. She had this intense connection with me which has only strengthened today. I was old enough to babysit her by myself, which eased out my mother’s responsibilities. My father went on a five year tour to another city after she was born. My mom and myself took care of my baby sis as much as we could in my dad’s absence. This time together formed a bond between all three of us, in a way each of us nurtured each other’s being. I realized the value of how much our mom did for us, the sacrifices she made, the unconditional love she showered on us in every way. And that is exactly what I tried to do with my sister.

When I tell a lot of my friends that I have a sister who is so much younger to me, and to whom I am the closest in my family, they often look at me in disbelief. Mostly people find it difficult to relate to the connection with respect to the age factor. But then I just smile at them and tell that she is simply the best. I have had no inhibitions in babysitting my baby sister by taking her along to friends’ get-togethers, dates, college functions or even to a beauty parlour. She was somehow, always there with me. I still remember, when my mom attended my college PTM’s , all my classmates used so to look forward to cuddling my baby sis, it was a joy to watch.

I have spoken about all my heartbreaks, heartaches, joys, achievements, failures and about myself to my sister first, and then to anyone else. When I got my first job, I told her first. When I kissed my first boyfriend, I told her first. When I failed in a college class test, I told her first. When I felt everything was falling apart, I told her first. There is no secret of mine my sister does not know of. She is my confidante, my friend and my punching bag. Whenever I needed to vent out my anger, celebrate my victory or cry on a shoulder, it has always been my sister first.

Now when she is a teen herself almost of the age I was when she was born, she has In a lot of ways become my mom apart from being a sibling. With her generation gap from me she sees the world differently and in a lot of ways, more wisely. See, that is the best quality about my sis. She is wise beyond her years. Mostly, in the toughest of situations, she listens to my woes and counsels me, always coming up with the best possible solution. I just do not know how she does it at such a tender age. My husband sometimes jokes and says, she should have been my elder sister in a lot of ways. Growing up, I mostly had life very easy for me. But my sister saw a lot of problems growing up, be it with me, or my parents, or the household, or something or the other. This is what made her what she is today, with a firm head on her shoulders. And I feel like a proud parent, because I know she will make a fine human being in life.

One thing I regret not being able to do, is giving her more time. Our difference in ages made it impossible for me to stay home and spend as much time with her as I wanted to. I was mostly living in other cities by the time she was five years old. When she was a kid, she used to look with big watery eyes every time I left for the train station from home. When she became a little older, she used to smile and tell me to come back fast. In a lot of ways, I feel she has tended to me much more rather than vice-versa. I have no qualms in saying that I am totally and completely mentally dependant on her. I do not know what I have done to deserve this, but undoubtedly, I am the luckiest girl to get such a wonderful sister. She is mine for life. To my amazing baby sis, who is my biggest strength and weakness, let’s always do this together.